Reception table at the Big White Barn in Lawrence, KS.

Elegant Wedding and Reception

A country garden/barn can be the perfect place for a wedding and reception. Today weddings in a garden/barns are taking place all over the country and offer the bride and groom a chance to hold their wedding in a very personal and unique location. Just like farm weddings, a barn wedding can be dressed up or dressed down to match the style and decor of your wedding and offer endless charm.

On May 4, 2013 we were very pleased to have the opportunity to host the Schmalz/Hardy wedding at the Victorian Veranda Country Inn in our Big White Barn. The bride, Anna Schmalz and her mother Mary were wonderful to work with and sticklers for detail. The attention to every small detail is shown in the photos on this page.

The wedding was to take place in the yard in front of the Inn but due to weather it was moved into the barn.

The elegance and charm of this wedding and reception is a tribute to these two ladies plus the individuals and companies listed below who provided products and /or services. Photos featured in this section were taken by Brooke Moffitt, B. Sharp Photography,
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It is our goal here at the Victorian Veranda Country Inn to assist the bride and groom in creating the wedding and reception of their desires. We realize that everyone has different ideas and desires.

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